About Us

Welcome To Evan’s Dream

If you have experienced the loss of a baby or babies, we first want to say how very sorry we are.

Losing Evan was truly the worst experience of our lives. After three miscarriages we thought Evan was going to be our little rainbow and he was, but sadly a rainbow we could not keep. In the midst of the painful experience of baby loss there is so much to think about and many decisions to make. Going forward we need support and ways to remember our babies. We wish we had known with our first miscarriage what we know now and we wish that we had been able to find one place that had all of the information we needed. In Evan’s memory we want to create a place where other parents can find information to help them through this sad journey and help them create memories of their baby. We hope to continue to grow with all of the information we gain over time and hope that it can help other families. This is our dream for Evan.

With Love from Evan’s Mummy & Daddy. xxx